WordPress Security Night & How To Fire A Client

Talk #1: 10 Top Tips For WordPress Security: Victor Santoyo from Sucuri is going to be talking about WordPress security. 

Talk #2: Kristina Treadwell will talk about How To Fire A Client: Have you found yourself in a situation where you need to drop a client but are worried about damaging your professional reputation? Nearly every freelancer has or will find themselves facing this dilemma. This talk will highlight 1) Which qualities make a client worthy of firing, 2) How to recognize those warning signs ahead of time (as early as during a sales call!), 3) How to break ties cleanly and professionally, and 4) How to avoid attracting “bad clients” in the first place.

There will also be special WordCamp Miami news, and a brief organizer's meeting for those who want to stick around.

If you want to speak or give a 5 minute presentation, let us know and we can potentially add you to the list. 

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